conf.d like directories for zsh/bash dotfiles

I don’t like messy dotfiles.

The thought of having tons of random configuration entries in files like my .zshrc really bothers me, so I implemented something that works like a conf.d like directory structure for my shell dotfiles.

I also still use the bash shell in certain situations, and I want a more or less consistent environment, no matter which shell I use (bash, zsh).

With the following setup, it’s possible to have the following:

  • A directory called zshrc.d, which includes multiple, zsh related configuration files.
  • A directory called bashrc.d, including multiple configuration files concerning bash.
  • A directory called rc.d, including configuration items needed by both shells.
  • A directory called login.d, including elements included by .bash_profile resp. .zlogin.

This keeps your dotfiles nice and clean, and also allows you do have additional files on systems where you need them, without them being included on all your systems (e.g. your $GOPATH).

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gittree: bash/zsh function to run git commands recursively

I’m using Androids repo tool from time to time when dealing with large groups of git repositories. In most situations, it is too bloated though. Some git “batch” commands I found very useful, like repo status, checking the status of all git repositories recursively.

To mimic this (and other) behaviour in a simple way, I created the following bash/zsh function (put this in your .bashrc or .zshrc, or another file where you define functions in your dotfiles)

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