$ whoami chr4 $ finger chr4 Login: chr4 Name: Chris Aumann Directory: /home/chr4 Shell: /bin/zsh On since Thu Jan 5 05:13 1998 on pts/0 from 2001:1af8:4100:a016:2::3818 No mail. No Plan. Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a freelance Devops Architect, Infrastructure Developer, SRE and Security Engineer. Companies I work/ worked for: Email SaaS you can configure with git developermail.io (Co-Founder, decommissioned) On demand responsive transport and autonomous driving service ioki Dynamic ridesharing service flinc (before they where aquired by Daimler) Job search engine kimeta Fintech startup vaamo (before they where aquired by Moneyfarmi) IBM Financial Services Germany LSE Leading Security Experts You can find me/ contact me: