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apt-get cleanup commands

Just a short post about some useful cleanup commands for Debian and Ubuntu systems. There are (to my knowledge) no build in task solving the following things

  • Remove old kernels (while keeping the currently running and the latest)
  • Purge removed packages (especially after autoremoving unneeded dependencies)

Howto use chef with ssl

By default, the connections between the chef-client and the chef-server are not secured. This is a short post on howto encrypt and verify your connections.

As of chef-11 (unlike chef-10), SSL is enabled by default. But (naturally, as Opscode cannot create trusted certificates for your domain) the certificates are not verified. This essentially means that the connection is not secure at all.

Unless you only use chef in a trusted network, you should invest some time in securing your clients connections.

Chef deploy_revision and Capistrano git_style

One thing that was annoying me for a long time, was that, using Capistrano deployment, you cannot spawn a new vanilla virtual machine, and bring it to a fully up-and-running state with just one Chef command.

make deploy_revision compatible with Capistrano, so deployments can happen with Capistrano, until we’ve decided to fully migrate to Chef, or to stick with the push deployment

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$ whoami

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